Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 47

Bitdefender and Kaspersky are two top-notch antivirus programs that have received high marks from users due to their cutting-edge technology, low impact on performance, and simple design. Both offer strong protection against ransomware, network attacks and other threats. Bitdefender’s suite comes with the «rescue environment» that can turn your computer into a recovery disk to clean an infected system that is severely. It also comes with a virtual private network (VPN) as well as a password manager, while you’ll have to upgrade to Kaspersky’s features.

Both programs offer good customer service, with support available via email, phone and online chat. Kaspersky has an advantage in its ability to answer questions swiftly, whereas Bitdefender is a bit slower in responding.

Both programs performed well in tests conducted independently by AV Comparatives and AV Test with results that are often difficult to distinguish. Both are excellent at detecting malware and extremely low false-positive rates. Kaspersky’s protection engine is a bit better-tuned to distinguish between malicious and legitimate software. It’s also more sensitive to memory usage, so it could detect applications that aren’t actually running on your PC.

Bitdefender’s features are a bit more extensive than Kaspersky’s, and its interface for users is much easier to navigate. For instance, Bitdefender’s security dashboard shows an indicator of status that allows you to begin a scan immediately, whereas Kaspersky requires you to scroll through two screens first. It also has customizable settings for its firewall. These include the option to set up connections rules for each application, and close the loopholes that hackers exploit to gain access to your computer.

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