Board Meeting Etiquette

Board meetings require a lot preparation from many people in addition to the actual meeting. To ensure that these meetings are as efficient and productive as it is possible all participants must adhere to the rules of board meetings. This will ensure that the discussion stays focused and will prevent participants from wasting their time or distracting other attendees.

To avoid this, it’s essential to distribute the agenda along with reports and other talking points at least a week prior to the meeting. This will allow attendees to read all the necessary information and prepare their comments and questions ahead of time. It is also an excellent idea to inform the chair in advance of an interest conflict whether it’s real or not. This will allow him or her to allow the member to declare the conflict and receive the abstention.

Respecting the opinions and contributions of other members is an additional aspect of manners of conduct. This includes paying attention to and not interrupting other speakers, even when you disagree with them. It also means speaking clearly and only asking questions when needed. Finally, it is best to turn off or switch off your cell phone during meetings and only make personal calls in an emergency situation.

This will help the members to concentrate and participate in the discussion fully. The worst thing you could do is for them to be distracted by your phone’s call or worry about whether or not your microphone is muted.

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