Secure Business Tool For Data Transfer

File transfer is an essential business function. However, many companies have security flaws that could put their data at risk. Poor FTP implementations, a lack of internal security controls, and insecure file sharing apps are just a few of the issues businesses face.

Secure business tools for data transfer can help you ensure that data transfer is compliant and reliable. With automated processes as well as robust audit trails and advanced encryption capabilities, you can cut down on operational risk by not relying on unreliable protocols for file transfer or insecure third-party applications.

Encrypts internal transfers and external transfers while in motion and when in rest. Its advanced capabilities, including session breaks and protocol examination allow companies to avoid costly downtime caused by unreliable FTP or slow EDI or overcrowded networks. This allows them improve business service levels and ensures compliance with SLAs.

This provides a 360-degree view of all file movements in near-real time to identify risks, such as delays or failures to transfer that could impact downstream systems. This enables them to minimize any damage through proactive resolution of issues and better compliance with SLAs and internal governance policies.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a secure technology platform designed to reliably exchange electronic data between multiple systems and users within and outside the organization to meet compliance requirements. MOVEit’s security, automation, file encryption and access control all in one pane, assists companies in improving their operations, customer service, and B2B governance, while meeting compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and CCPA/CPRA.

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