Antivirus For iPhone – What You Need to Know

As you’d expect, the operating system on the iPhone and iPad, iOS, is protected from most viruses and malware. This seems like it should be enough to ensure their safety but even the most secure device is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is why it’s vital to know about antivirus for iphone and the best way to protect your phone from these threats.

Apple’s iOS, unlike Android which is protected by strict security measures and is sandboxed. This makes it very difficult to obtain viruses on an iPhone or iPad or iPad, unless it’s jailbroken. It’s not necessary to have antivirus for your iphone unless you’re using a jailbroken phone. Malware can only be spread by apps, and these apps are tested before they’re allowed to be released on the App Store.

The top iPhone antivirus provides a variety of internet security features to protect your device from phishing, spam calendar invitations, adware, browser trackers, and data-stealing applications. The top antivirus companies offer parental control tools to improve Apple’s iOS parental controls.

Norton, for example, offers an advanced antivirus app for iphone and mac that includes various options to stop infections. It includes a virus detector and firewall, web protection, and VPN. It also scans the dark internet for personal information that hackers may steal from your device, such as passwords and bank account details.

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