What Are Online Data Warehouses?

A data warehouse is an online central repository which collects information from various sources. It lets businesses spot patterns, determine efficiencies, and make better business decisions. However, it can take time to crosscheck different systems and obtain accurate, consistent data -particularly when the data is unstable or massive.

A data warehouse is a repository of organized, clean business data that can be arranged into columns and rows to provide business intelligence. The data is retrieved via structured query language (SQL) and the design of the database is usually purpose-driven, with a focus on addressing specific business requirements.

Digital marketing companies access data from different sources to provide their customers with a an integrated view of their performance. This allows them to make educated decisions that have a positive effect on the bottom line, and deliver the best possible outcomes for their customers.

Imagine an online data warehouse as a water storage tank that is set up to supply a household’s need for clean water (data analysis). Imagine a bicycle manufacturer wants to know more about its customer base. The company could access its data warehouse to gain information about gender, age, location, and purchasing habits. This information could assist the bike maker to design and market new models of bicycles that are more review appealing to its target audience.

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